The Humble Beginnings of a Painting: Part 2

I loved what Lis said in the comments of Part One of this post about surrendering to a painting, and letting go of whatever it is going to turn out to be — happy, sad, ugly, weird, beautiful, etc.

Painting On A Chair

I am really enjoying surrendering to this one :)  And here is what is developing so far:

Blue Buddha

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3 responses to “The Humble Beginnings of a Painting: Part 2”

  1. stacie

    Kristen, it’s really coming along great. I can’t wait to see the finished painting. Fun to watch the process.

  2. *Kristen*

    stacie » Thanks, Stacie! I haven’t gotten in some good painting time recently, but will definitely do a follow-up post as it progresses!

  3. Lis

    ooo … i like where this is going! I believe you are Awakening to your inner buddha :)

    Yes, process pixs please! I love the richness in your work and I want the secret details!

    xo Lis

    (and don’t worry about the predictions for this dragon year … I believe there is always an element of negativity in the Chinese predictions to keep the greedy evil spirits away. Like “oh, this will be a bad year” is not tempting Fate by being boost-full or proud … kinda the Joy Luck Club logic? And I realized I am a weak yin earth tiger? I had been told I was water … so I am to hide under the covers for the year I guess!)