Mojo Mix Tape Giveaway

Wedding Mix Tape CDWhat’s a blogger to do when she’s gotten out of the habit of blogging and is finding it hard to . squeak . out . words?

This is ccccccrazy!  I can write!  I like to write!  I love to write and connect with other people . . . it’s one of my preferred mediums!  But yeah, lately I’ve found it very hard to get the words out.  Or they come flooding out in a really awkward way.

So this is where the giveaway comes in.  I love mix tapes and I made three of them as favors for our wedding.  I am also finishing up this year’s x-mas mix.

And I want to some mix tapes away!

I will pick three winners from the comments below (or Twitters @kristenannie).  No signing up to anything required . . .

Just post a creative idea for a blog post you’d like to see me do.

Are there questions you want answers to?  Do you want to see more pictures of our new dog, Winnie?  Is there something you’ve wanted to know more about me or my life?  Deep thoughts?  New products or artwork?  Anything you think I could do blog-wise that would be fun and be me and help me get those mojo-ic juices going again?

I will appreciate everything that comes in my inbox — crazy, creative, whacky, easy, or simple! :)  Since there is a Christmas Mix involved I will probably have to put the CD’s in the mail by this by Saturday, so the contest closes on Friday at 9pm PSD.  If you want to spread the word, I’d love that!

Three people will be chosen at random and will get to select one of the wedding favor CD mix tapes (reggae, 80’s, and eclectic with an emphasis on 60’s music mixed with new artists) and each person will get this year’s Christmas Mix.

So each selected person gets TWO CD’S!  Wowowow! :)

So there it is – I’ve put it out there :)  I really wanna get my mojo back and I love mix tapes and giveaways — thanks for playing!

Mix Tape

Photo of one of the wedding mix tapes on the big day!

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14 responses to “Mojo Mix Tape Giveaway”

  1. Dezirae

    Your mixed wedding tape is great! Joe and I both really like it! And your Christmas mixed tape from last year AWESOME! Merry Christmas to you and Andy!!xoxox

  2. stacy lynn

    YES!! I LOVE the one you made from last year!!

  3. *Kristen*

    stacy lynn » Thanks Stacy! Glad you liked it!

  4. *Kristen*

    Dezirae » Thanks Deziare! Which mix tape did you get at the wedding? Merry Christmas to you, too!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  5. andie olivia

    I would love to hear about the inspiration behind your amazing artwork, what you were thinking/channeling in your headspace and what came out creatively … The creative process is always facinating to me!! And yes always more doggy pics :)

  6. *Kristen*

    andie olivia » That’s gonna be a challenge, but I will try! I don’t even know what I am thinking when I am creating! But I will try to slow it down and see if I can capture what’s going on. This must be how Andy (husband Andy) feels when he is trying to explain how he surfs to me. Good one!

  7. stacie

    Hi Kristen, Just saw your forum come up on the Creative Coconuts. One idea that I really enjoy is writing about other artists and their work. It inspires me to hear about and write about all that great creativity.

    Love to win one of your mixed tapes!!! xoxo Stacie

  8. *Kristen*

    stacie » Love this idea!!!!!! Thank you so much, Stacie, and BTW, I have really enjoyed your posts in this area on your blog. Thanks!

  9. Kim

    Two things I’d love to read about, from an artist’s perspective. When you’re creating, or you’ve finished, how much do you find that your creation is linked to something in your childhood. Is it a conscious journey in the creation, or a “wow, I didn’t realize that” afterwards? Or do memories, problems, fantasies from your childhood play into any of your creations?

  10. Atheena Romney

    How about if you do an animal communications experiment with Winnie…and document it in a blog post….do you communicate with her like that? Do you have time for it?? Who knows, but it’d be fun to read!!


  11. *Kristen*

    Kim » Interesting! I am definitely going to pay more attention to the whole creative process at this point and think more about the meaning of it all. It mostly feels like something I allow rather than something I do, and I am not sure how much comes from me – but it certainly feels like it is colored by the lens of my history and personality as it makes its way through me and into the world. Good, though provoking ideas here!

  12. *Kristen*

    Atheena Romney » Oh my gosh, never thought of this! I am no expert in animal communication, but it would be fun to try! I have done that with different animals, and gotten some funny responses :) We’ll see what she has to say!

  13. stephey

    Love that you posted this for another holiday musical extravaganza! Someone is going to be so happy! Talk about spreading the Joy!

    As far as ideas, what about creating art from what’s inspiring you about awake consciousness – that could be so cool! Much love + Holiday Wishes! xoxo stephey

  14. *Kristen*

    stephey » Happy Holidays to you, too, Stephey! Love the ideas, thank you!